Declaration International Rice Forum VLC




Valencia April 1, 2019


Rice cultivation in Europe faces a wide range of challenges. The European rice sector gathered in Valencia an agreed on the following demands:



It is absolutely needed that the European Commission sets up a mandatory labeling, with a clear indication of the origin of the product and the production method used’. All rice produced in the EU should be labelled as has been already done in the dairy sector. This measure would help consumers to easily differentiate and enhance the specificity and origin of rice varieties.


Crop protection products:

The growing constraints imposed by European legislation on the use of crop protection products render more difficult the fight against pests and diseases. The authorities should rethink the scheme according to science before the phasing out of products, in order to diminish the evident influence of strongly ideological visions.


We consider as a priority to lighten the burdensome regulation through a harmonization of legislation in Member states on the authorization of active substances. It is urgent to regulate the market rules to avoid different costs of the same phytosanitary product in Member States. Prices should be yearly published before January 31.


We call on the EU to not accept rice imports treated with products that are banned in Europe.


Research & Innovation

We support the development of new and more performant varieties, better adapted to  market trends and resistant to pest & diseases, such as Pyricularia oryzae. In order to develop new varieties, we need to have access to new gene editing techniques, such as CRISPR, which are successfully used in other producing countries. We call for a science-based approach to boost research and innovation in breeding through biotechnology.


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